Lynx 30″ Built-in SMARTGRILL By Lynx™ (SMART30)

The Lynx 30″ Built-in SMARTGRILL is from the new Lynx Smart Grill Series. This type of professional grill is literally in a class of its own. The all-new smart grill systems are the latest evolutionary trend in grilling platforms. We’re witnessing many of the high-end grill manufacturers start to integrate their traditional grills with digital technology. It’s creating a whole new class of consumer grills. Lynx is definitely on the forefront of this technological adaptation. The Lynx Smartgrill features include Automated Cooking via MyChef™ operating system. The MyChef™ monitors cooking times and temperatures of your grill. Powered by a 1.5Ghz Intel® Processor, 64GB of storage, and 802.11N Wi-Fi. This particular 30″ Lynx Smartgrill also includes dual variable temperature Trident™ infrared burners.
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